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Asteptam articole si semnale de la voi!

Va multumim,

Societatea Romanca


"Blouse Roumaine - the Unsung Voices of Romanian Women"

Dear Colleague,

This transdisciplinary Anthology is now available as an E-Book and I hope that it addresses some aspects of the relationship between literature and politics, gender, historiography, questions of cultural transmission and cross-cultural encounters. This is a very francophone Anthology containing many cross references to Valery, Proust, Cocteau, Colette, Noailles, Bibesco, Ionesco, Cioran, Gheorghiu but also to French movie stars, actors, painters, sculptors, composers, politicians, philosophers - all within a broad European landscape (Britain, Italy, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Romania et al)
I would be most obliged if you were so kind as to send the enclosed information to the interested parties.
Thank you
Kind regards,


"Blouse Roumaine - the Unsung Voices of Romanian Women"

Presented and Selected by Constantin ROMAN (PhD Cambridge, Professor Honoris Causa, Commander of the Order of Merit)

Anthology E-BOOK (11BM)

DISTRIBUTION: Online with credit card

COST: $ 54.99, £34.99 (ca Euros 35.50)



2,250,000 words,

over 1,000 pages,

ca 160 illustrations in text

160 critical biographies,

58 social categories/professions,

600 quotations (mostly translated into English for the first time),

circa 3,000 bibliographical references (including URLs and credits)

6 Indexes (alphabetical, by profession, timeline, quotation Index, place

index and name index)

AUTHOR: Constantin Roman is a Scholar with a Doctorate from Cambridge and a Member of the Society of Authors (London). He is an International Adviser, Guest Speaker, Professor Honoris Causa and Commander of the Order of Merit.


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